Movement service

The industry standard for movement service is about every five years. High grade mechanical watches require regular maintenance to ensure they last a lifetime. Whether you're a collector, enthusiast, vintage dealer or authorized dealer, ABC Watchwerks is known worldwide to offer the highest quality restoration and factory grade movement services for virtually any watch brand.

Complete Movement Service (Details)

Complete Movement Services Include but are not limited to the following:

  • Complete disassembly of the watch case and movement
  • Replace worn components: Gaskets, seals, screws, etc...
  • Complete reassembly of movement, greasing, oiling, and meticulous adjustment of the components.
  • Control magnetization
  • Ultrasonic cleaning and inspection of case / bracelet
  • Reassembly of dials, hands, control of holding and parallelism
  • Control water-resistance of the watch at maximum depth +25%
  • Control and adjust bracelet and clasp
  • Control Functions of the watch including rate, amplitude and power reserve of the movement
  • One-Year Service Guarantee*