Minor/Maintenance Service

Not every watch requires a complete service when an issue is discovered. Sometimes what you need is some targeted TLC for your time piece. If a “Complete Service" is not exactly the right solution, we also offer a variety of “A la carte” services as a cost effective alternative to a “Complete Servicing”.

Minor/Maintenance Service
  • Timing Adjustment/Regulating
  • Lubrication of The Escapement
  • Straightening of The Hairspring
  • Inspect/Replace Mainspring
  • Control water-resistance of the watch
  • Clean/Inspect Case & Bracelet

Here are some additional services that that you can add-on to a “Minor/Maintenance” or can be offered individually.

Minor/Maintenance Service
  • Oscillating Weight Axle Adjustment/Replacement
  • Crystal Replacement
  • Gasket/Seal Replacement
  • Debris Removal
  • Hand Replacement
  • Re-Lume Hands
  • Dial Cleaning/Restoration
  • Bracelet Adjustment, Sizing and Repair
  • Battery Replacement and Re-Seal
  • Laser Welding/Case Repair
  • Fabrication & Other Custom Modifications
  • *DLC Coating
  • *Mission Impossible
  • *Find Me A Unicorn!
  • And Many, Many More... Just Ask Us!

**Complete Movement Guarantee**

After a complete service, your movement is covered by a one-year Service Guarantee. This guarantee excludes any damage or deterioration that results from an accident or from mishandling of the watch, shock or impacts and water damage. Any intervention by a non-authorized third party or the addition of any aftermarket parts or accessories will void the Service Guarantee